I have been working in the design field since 2009 (branding, editorial, web, print, SoMe). I pay strong attention to details and I deliver high-quality products. I have strong knowledge in using graphic design/video production tools, such as the applications from the Adobe Creative Cloud and Figma (I have been using the Adobe Suite for over 15 years).

I have the necessary skills to work with both vectors and pixels, and I have experience in exporting and optimising graphic content for different publishing outputs. 

UX and web development are both design and programming challenges that I tackle with care and painstaking work. I have experience in working with HTML 5/ CSS 3 / Vanilla Javascript,  CMS like Wordpress and Drupal, and CMR like HubSpot. I have experience with project management tools like Trello and Asana, and version control using Git (Github and Gitlab). 
I strive to find the balance between the different stakeholder's needs and goals through research and A/B testing.​​​​​​​
Throughout my career, I have worked with different companies and organisations.  I am familiar with work environments where products had to be delivered under time pressure, while at the same time handling parallel tasks.
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